Engagement Rings

Shopping for the perfect ring for your soulmate can be an overwhelming process. We know how to ease this for you because we know what you want. You want to look at options without being pressured into buying. You want to learn what the 4Cs are and what it means to have this diamond color versus this diamond clarity. We want to educate you and answer all your question. We welcome appointments and walk-ins for ring shoppers. We like to sit down with you and show you the different options, if we don’t have it in the store then you can look through the various designs in our catalogs. We offer the traditional and classical solitaire design setting that showcases the center diamond or the outgoing and glamorous design such as the Halo design which adds a circle of diamonds around the center diamond to give it this extra sparkle and design. The designs and possibilities are endless, make sure you know her taste so you pick the ring that will make her say “YES” right away.

Pearl Restringing

Don’t ever give up on your pearls no matter how old they are! Pearl restringing can do wonders. You can replace your pearl clasp with a gold, silver or diamond clasp and revamp the look of the pearl strands. Restringing helps in preserving the quality and beauty for many years to come. In some cases, restringing is advised once a year to make sure that the strand doesn’t rip and the pearls don’t scratch or damage. We have a certified team that has more than 25 years of experience in pearl stringing. Bring in your pearls or beads in today and get a free estimate.

Clock and Watch Repair

This has been our specialty service since 1955. We offer quick and in-store service and same day repair (in most cases, unless we have to order additional parts from the manufacturer). Our portfolio ranges from personal wrist watches to antique clocks and grandfather clocks. We even offer house calls to repair your precious collection. Check out this page for more information.

Custom Jewelry

Are you looking for a really unique gift that will stand out? You should check out the custom jewelry designs that we offer. Whether it is a name on a necklace or custom symbol, we can do it in any material and size. A lot of our customers enjoy our custom Arabic jewelry that we collect from all over the world. Stop in and ask our sales team.


Our jewelry appraisals are handled by our certified gemologist Chris. Upon appraisal, the customer gets two copies of the appraisal which includes pictures, description, and details around the product. This information is required by insurance companies for approval. We recommend customers to conform with the requirements with their insurance company as these vary from one company to another.


Personalize your jewelry or watch with initials, date or a kind message to a loved one. There is no sweeter way to celebrate a special occasion than with an engraved pendant, ring, charm or bracelet. Our most common requests are engraving wedding and engagement rings. Engravings immortalize the memory and make it last forever.

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